What’s Your Talk-Listen Ratio?

For more than three decades I’ve helped clients discover they were talking too much and listening to little.  They were surprised when they started to keep track.  It was as easy as using their iPhone to record a meeting with a prospect or members of their team.

They said it was a sobering experience.  They realized the more they talked, the less they discovered about their prospect’s needs.  Or, in the case of members of their team, what they needed.

Try it yourself.  See how close you get to a 40% talk in 60% listening in terms of time.  You can delve even deeper by listening for how effectively you probe for more information.  That’s instead of simply accepting an answer to your question without digging deeper.

Whether you’re in a sales meeting, team meeting, or coaching individual to improve their performance, listening will serve you well.  Contact me to fine tune your skills in leading meetings and connecting with your audience:  bob@kaplitz.tv.

 It takes discipline to talk less, listen more. But with a little focus, you’ll benefit from the results.

What’s Your Talk-Listen Ratio?  Takeaways

Listen to your customers, competitors, your peers, your subordinates, and to people that care about you.

Listen for opportunity.  The story behind the message.  The opportunity beyond the issue.  Listening is about discovery.

Ask people how you can become better and then listen.

Take your listening skills online.

Don’t just push out Tweets and Facebook and LinkedIn messages.  Ask questions and elicit feedback.

Use your vast array of social media platforms and connections to listen.

Pause rather than feel obligated to say something.  You’ll discover others are happy to fill in the silent gap.  And they’ll often reveal more than you expected, helping you make the sale or just connect better with them.

Bob Kaplitz
Bob Kaplitz

Bob coaches executives and managers on developing their leadership skills, which improves the morale and efficiency of their companies. He mentors individuals through Everwise, which optimizes the way companies develop their people by connecting professionals with the experts and resources they need to be successful.

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