Video Concept So Simple You Might Not Think of It

Sometimes clients get so caught up in the details they fail to see the obvious.  Case in point:  What your visit will be like to a new business.

Often a receptionist had to paint a picture with words.  But it’s much better to show video.  That’s what we did for a client, a weight-loss clinic.

As you watch the video, consider whether it immerses you in the experience.  And does it tell a story that makes you comfortable?

Video Concept So Simple You Might Not Think of It:  Takeaways

Prioritize the most needed videos.

Think from your customer or patients’ point of view.

Ask yourself “Did we answer the most frequent questions?”

Did we visualize it?

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Bob Kaplitz
Bob Kaplitz

Bob coaches executives and managers on developing their leadership skills, which improves the morale and efficiency of their companies. He mentors individuals through Everwise, which optimizes the way companies develop their people by connecting professionals with the experts and resources they need to be successful.

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