Leadership Coaching

No matter your position in a company, you can develop skills so others see you as a leader. We design approaches leading to your greater success. It’s often the difference between managing — that’s doing things right. And leading — doing the right things. We discover lots of opportunities on this collaborative journey.

Executive Mentoring

Relationship issues are usually at the core of many client problems. Effective communication begins by knowing what’s going on in the head of the person you’re trying to communicate with. Once I help you understand that, you’re able communicate with them, resolve conflict, and build strong relationships. Whether the challenge is dealing with teams lacking motivation or an indecisive boss, I can help you develop a strategy and series of action steps to help you succeed.

Team Development

After identifying obstacles for teamwork with senior managers, I’ll guide you to solutions. This includes what Bob calls the “meeting before the meeting” to avoid negativity which can torpedo your meeting. Bob can show how you quickly you can convert a gripe session into constructive problem solving.

Personal Branding

My clients learn they have a “brand” – a reputation – whether they know it or not. We help them learn what they stand for in the minds of others – from colleagues to direct reports to senior staff. Then we agree on their target brand and the steps necessary to achieve it. Brands are really a collection of stories of what people say about you. We look for opportunities to create remarkable stories. Bob employs a series of branding exercises which participants find enlightening and memorable.

Media Training

Bob is uniquely qualified to train executives to connect successfully on camera, in person, and with the media. Reporters can be tough on you. When Bob was a reporter years back, he was honored as Best TV Investigative Reporter in the U.S. and Canada. He will guide you through the toughest questions. That includes role playing so you can master the answers – even for the “gotcha questions.”


Matthew Parson, Dallas County Minority Business Officer Testimonial

Matthew Parson