Connecting with Your Audience with Video can set you apart from others.

Viewers see speakers as “talking heads.”  They can be boring.  They can engage viewers.  What’s often missing are video clips that help communicate their message.  Their brand.

An effective way to accomplish this is to take your viewers on a journey, though a brief one.  The video accompanying this article is from a highly successful news magazine, Sixty Minutes.

Notice how the reporter takes the viewer along on her journey of discovery.  Yes, this is an example of investigative reporting, but the technique can serve you in a variety of ways.  It’s all about powerful storytelling.  Look at my comments at the bottom of the screen.

For example, you can show what sets your company or organization apart from others.  Raise questions like:

“Several dozen companies deliver this type of service.  So what separates my company.  See if you can discover it here.  Look at how the office is set up.  Look at…”

Take the standpoint of skeptics.  Raise the questions they’re thinking about.  Take them head on with the video clip.

This approach complements your speaking skills.  Together the two pack a powerful persuasive punch.

Okay, you don’t have a Sixty Minutes crew at your disposal.  But you likely have a phone with a camera that shoots video.  Much like you narrate a vacation video — “Here’s our beautiful beach” — you can narrate with a business purpose in mind.  If you’re having trouble finding the video icon, editing a very short video clip, or saving it, contact me.

Contact me to take your communication skills to the next level — whether you use video or you believe you’re the best video:

Connecting with Your Audience with Video:  Takeaways

  • Avoid getting stuck in a “talking head” rut.
  • Unleash the power of video when it helps to tell/show your story.
  • Avoid “all or none” thinking:  A few engaging video clips can spike viewers attention.
  • But don’t rely on video alone.  As a powerful speaker, you can be the best video.

Bob Kaplitz
Bob Kaplitz

Bob coaches executives and managers on developing their leadership skills, which improves the morale and efficiency of their companies. He mentors individuals through Everwise, which optimizes the way companies develop their people by connecting professionals with the experts and resources they need to be successful.

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